on getting going …

Plane Food
Sleeping Mask
Prague Airport

S/O and I are off to Prague and Berlin.  We flew out of JKF on Delta (not as good as Virgin America—my new favorite airline, but international flying tends to be a whole different ballgame than domestic flying so Delta International was quite decent as well).  Because of weather and congestion, flying out of JFK anytime in the afternoon can be quite the hours long delay crapshoot, but we pushed back from the gate and took off with almost no delay.  S/O is the planning type so we got our tickets and our seats months and months ago.  As a result, S/O was able to put us in an exit row.  As our roundtrip fare to Prague was all of $420 each (round trip!!!) we are not exactly first class or business class type of fliers.  If, however, you are a riffraff flier, the friggin’ exit row is the place to be, baby!!!  I am 6’2” (I am Asian … go figure…) so the fact that I had enough space to sit and sleep on an 8-hour flight was WONDEROUS!!!  It also helped that we flew on a Boeing 767 rather than the dreaded and hateful one-aisle torture chamber in the air that is the Boeing 757 … I HATE that friggin’ plane!!!

 Anyway … I had two tray tables, they served me actual food, and S/O and I even had enough space so that we could get out of our seats without both of us having to get up and stand in the aisle!  I slept for most of the flight (I almost never sleep on planes … ever). 

Arrival in Prague was great.  The airport is small and manageable and since we only had carry on bags we were out of the airport and through passport control with out problem at all.  We hopped onto a bus and then onto an incredibly clean and fast subway line that took us to the  train station where we picked up a train to Berlin. 

 The train ride to Berlin was (in typically Northern European fashion) very clean, very organized, right on time, and incredibly pleasant.  Even though we’d already been traveling for the better part of a day, the train ride along a river and through the countryside and hills of the Czech Republic and Germany was wonderful.  Great scenery and S/O and I had sandwiches from the dining car that (incredibly to me) were to die for!!! I think it was the soft cheese …

Berlin Mark HotelKaiser Church RuinsKaiser Church Interior

 We got ourselves to the Berlin Mark hotel in the Kurfurstendamm (Ku’damm) area of Berlin which is the one of the main tourist areas of Berlin.  We took a walk to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and strolled around the rather chi-chi shopping area.  I had some really good saurerbrauten (which I suspect was made from horse, but more on that later) and red cabbage for dinner along with some Hagen Daz for dessert.

Having a great time!

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