on the home sweetness …

Got back to Lala Land late on Thursday night.  Spent the first half of Friday morning going through 7 weeks of mail and figuring out which bills got paid online from Honolulu and which ones still needed some tender loving cash.  S/O went out to start our cars and his Jeep started up, but my truck was dead.  AAA came and gave me a jump, but my 5 y/o battery had a dead cell so I paid an arm and a leg to have the guy just install a new battery.  I normally would have picked up a battery from Costco and replaced it myself, but I just don't have the time before we have to leave town again. 

In the afternoon, S/O and I went to view an 8-bedroom, 4-bath house in need of "some TLC."  In real estate language, apparently, "TLC" actually means crystal meth/crack/heroin/opium den.  OMFG!!!  We got there a bit before our agent arrived so I took a short walk around the block.  The neighborhood was a lot rougher that we'd expected … I usually feel pretty comfortable walking around anywhere in the city during the day and I avoid walking around anywhere in the city at night, but even during the early evening I wasn't all that keen to walk further than I did.  The house was a mess. 

No hot water, lights in most rooms didn't work, holes in the floors, falling ceilings in just about every room, about a million dead bees in one room, two dogs without collars walking around in the house, and at least two of the four toilets weren't functional … Yech!!!  Very creepy experience (and incredibly saddening that people were, apparently, renting the rooms individually …).  We won't be bidding on this fixer-upper …

This morning we went out to meet friends for breakfast. We got into S/O's Jeep, turned the key and … Nothing … Another call to AAA and another visit from the very same guy who got to sell and install yet another overpriced battery for us and we were off to breakfast.

And that … Is what coming back to real life is like … But I still don't have to work for almost another month so it's all still good!!!

Um … Also, I'm figuring out that my dream of cashing in my '94 Ford Ranger pick-up clunker for a very sexy econobox on wheels is probably not going to happen as my money will either get tied up in a house closing (if we're lucky) or funds for the program will all be gone by the time I'm back to go car shopping in late August … But I still like my truck so that's all still good too!!!

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