on bananarama fandom …

Wow … I'm so friggin' old!!!  Apparently, Bananarama (the musical group, for those of you young people who were born in the 1980s, but who did not major in music history of the 80s in college) is … get this … still recording … WTF???

Anyway, I just came across this, I dunno … promo video thing …

Frankly, not nearly as good as their original classic cover of Venus:

Or their other classic, I Heard a Rumor:

Wonderfully cheesy, no???  For heaven's sake though people, never ever go to see these 80s era groups live … Just don't … Just don't … Though the Go-Gos concert that I saw at a 5000 seat arena in Honolulu sometime around 1983 was pretty friggin' amazing!!!  The other possibility though, is that Belinda Carlise sounded a lot better to me at the time because I might have been pretty much stoned … And if you've ever heard Belinda sing live on TV or seen video of her performing live on Youtube … Well … You can decide for yourself … I mean … Belinda wasn't exactly the female Steve Perry, huh?


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