on adventure travel …

Okay … Yeah … I like to think of myself as an adventurous type (but really, I'm one of the most fearful and cautious people I know) … I've worked really hard in my adult life to try to overcome my irrational fears.  A number of years ago I (I'm proud to say) trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in spite of my intense fear of heights and falling to my death.  It really was a wonderful achievement for somebody like myself and really helped me to overcome a lot of my fear of high places. 

Another of my irrational fears is that I'm incredibly scared of reptiles–basically snakes and anything that looks like an alligator, crocodile, Komodo dragon … You get the picture …

Now, I hope to god that this picture is a photoshopped hoax because this is my friggin' adventure travel nightmare come to life!!!  WTH, huh?  Now, as an occasional Animal Planet watcher, I've learned that salt water alligators will actually push off the muddy bottom of a body of water and launch themselves toward their prey … EEEEGAAADDDSSS!!!  I say again, what a friggin' nightmare …

Just the thought of being on this boat makes my skin crawl. This is wildlife that I'm just not that keen to see before I die (hopefully of natural causes not related to being consumed by wild animals or falling from high places).

Sigh …

OMG … And don't even get me started about how creepy and scary those danged squirrels out in the backyard are … I mean … You people do realize that squirrels are nothing more than really big rats with longer, hairier tails, right???

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One thought on “on adventure travel …

  1. If it makes you feel any better, many many many many (you get the idea) years ago, I was in DisneyLand in LA, and there was a ride like that, where you were on a little boat, which was surely actually riding on a track under the water, but you felt like you were on a boat, and every so often various Disneybots would appear and act and look extremely lifelike, as in your photo. I remember alligators/crocodiles, and a couple of hippos that opened their mouths pretty close to the boat. So, if the photo isn't PSd, maybe it's from DisneyLand.

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