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Fancy White Trash
Marjetta Geerling

Fancy White Trash–Marjetta Geerling

Sometimes the only thing books with great titles like Fancy White Trash have going for them are great titles, but I do have to say that this one is worth a read.  It isn't going to qualify for any book awards, but if you've got a kid (girls, basically …) looking for a light and fun beach read, this absolutely could be the ticket.

Abby Savage's family is fancy white trash.  She lives in a house with her mom, three sisters, her step dad (and later her dad), and a baby or two or three … More than anything in life, Abby aims to avoid becoming fancy white trash like her mother and sisters. 

Can you tell that I love writing "fancy white trash?"

Anyway, along the way, Abby deals with: the boy who might be the love of her life, but who may well be the father of her sister's baby; her step father who originally started out as her sister's boy friend who is the other possible father of her sister's baby; the fact that her mother announces that she is pregnant (fortunately, Abby's step father is the father … for sure); and her best friend Cody who she's sure is gay, but who keeps insisting that he's straight while they are on excursions to the outlet mall seeking out the perfect home coming gown and shoes …

Fast paced and fancy and fun!!!

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