on swimming …


I just got home from the second open ocean swim of my life.  I swam in the 1.2 mile Cholo's Waimea Bay Swim on the North Shore of Oahu.  It is characterized as a "sprint" race for people of all abilities, but based on my ability it was a very hard long distance swim.  It was fun, but I really only did it because I craved the T-shirt.  I'm sitting here writing this with my race number 500 written in Sharpie marker on my arm and I am feeling a great sense of accomplishment.  This 500 his going to stay on my arm for as long as it will last.  At the finish, I did about the last 400 yards of the swim along side a junior boy who was probably about 11 y/o and I decided that I was going to beat that short skinny kid if it killed me, but that was before he spotted the finish line and started to sprint with about 200 yards to go and literally left me in his wake … Alas … There was no sprint left in me at that point.

I think that I finished in about 42:00 minutes give or take some …  

[My official finish turned out to be 42:25.9–26th in my age group and 330th overall … But I like my T-shirt so really pretty much that's all that matters 🙂 ]

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