on pulling for the stripper with the heart of gold …

I've been watching the series What About Brian on Netflix DVD.  I believe that the series was pretty well reviewed when it came out a few years ago.  I do have to say that (as is my tendency when I watch series on DVD anyway) I have truly gotten sucked into the show's storyline and everything, but this is in spite of the fact that I find some of the characters to be totally annoying dumbasses.  I think sometimes when you watch a series on DVD, you get a different feel for the characters and how they develop because you are watching the episodes one after the other in marathon style rather than one per week.  I kind of think that watching the episodes without the "rest" in between makes their choices and behaviors become magnified and therefore they seem to be more stupid, more shallow, more self-involved, basically more of everything …

Interestlingly, the character that I have come to dispise (and I don't think that, that's what you're supposed to fee) more than any other is the pretty and sexy "good girl" pediatrician that two of the male main characters are both supposed to be in love with.  OMG gentlemen … Can't you see she's a manipulative selfish bee-yotch who keeps stringing you along and is, basically, the skank in good girl clothing??? One of the guys she strung along then jilted eventually gets married to a stripper (But in Pretty Woman fashion she's the stripper with a heart of gold) and it looks like he's going to dump her for the skanky pediatrician.  Duuude … You're a friggin' dumbass loser if you do … (not that I'm all pathetically over invested in the characters or anything though …). 

Anyway, disk number four came today so I'll shortly find out if my stripper girl gets the boot or not.  It doesn't look good for stripper girl because her images hasn't emerged in the opening credits.   She only gets her name printed on the screen after the opening montage has played … That's never a good sign … My sense is that she's gonna get dumped, get in a car accident and expire, get found out to have a criminal record as a prostitute, or get bored by life with attorney guy and go back to the glamorous world of pole dancing … [Sigh]

I'm pulling for stripper girl though … Wish me luck!!! 

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