on the shape of the news media …

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, one of Hawaii's two daily papers recently started publishing in a "tabloid" format.  I have to say, it really does take some getting used to when you read a legitimate newspaper in a tabloid format because if feels SO very much like the National Enquirer (which I LOVED reading as a kid, by the way … "Aliens Abducted My Baby"… and all that).  When you really think about it, though, there are really great things about the tabloid format.  When in New York, I love buying the NY Times and reading it on the subway as I head into Manhattan from Brooklyn, but the paper is too big to hold up and read without infringing on the neighboring rider's space.  In situations like these, the tabloid format is perfect (Okay, you can fold the NYT into the right shape, but it gets all crinkled and wrinkled and I hate that because I'm pretty OCD when it comes to newspapers and stuff …).

Now, if you are a representative of a publishing house, would you please consider publishing YA fiction in a multiple column format like magazines?  I read down columns much faster than I do when I have to read across a full page and it'd be much easier for me to read new YA books if you'd publish books this way.  I'm a school librarian and given the choice I'd buy my books in that format every time since … You know … Ultimately it is all about ME …

Thanks …

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