on stinking up a joint …

I'm a very fastidious kind of guy, but in Hawaii I sweat like a friggin' horse.  Let me tell you … it is truly gross!  Because I am acutely aware of my grossness quotient, I am very careful to launder my clothes like an OCD crazy man.  If you don't have clothing that you regularly sweat through, though, you may not know this, but you seem to reach a point in a suit of clothing's lifespan when even after you wash and dry it thoroughly and they are absolutely clean and pristine as soon as you start to perspire your clothes begin to reek!  WTH, huh???

Anyway … The upshot is that I stink.  I need to go out this afternoon and buy some Tide with Febreze.  Yes, it costs an arm and a leg and I am so tight with a buck that I squeak, but there are just some things not worth saving and scrimping on and keeping your B-O to a minimum is one of those things (along with orthodontry, mango ice cream, diet Coke or Pepsi on a hot day, fresh fruit, and things that'll make your elderly mom happy). 

They used to sell this really great Febreze laundry additive that you could just add to your washing machine with your regular detergent when you needed a stinky clothes boost, but they took it off the market and built it into the premium cost Tide … That was stinky of them … ha, ha, ha … On the other hand, thank goodness they had the ability to invent Febreze (not to mention antiperspirant/deodorant) … In case you're reading this and are thinking of buying some Tide with Febreze, I'd recommend picking up the Meadows & Rain scented version rather then the cloyingly sweet smelling Spring & Renewal scent … Ick!!!

And finally, in case you might be wondering, no … 5'3" Japanese-American-gorilla-man-attitude-butthead from my last post was NOT having a reaction to my B-O!  Different set of workout clothes!!!

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