on aaaah-titude …

Big body mucho macho A-ttitude is generally much less prevalent in Hawaii than in Los Angeles, but I got a taste of gym attitude this morning.  A young Japanese-American man was doing shoulder presses with a workout partner.  Between his sets he kept leaning on the weight rack keeping the rest of us from accessing the "light weights" used by us mere mortals.  He wasn't using the light weights I was seeking so I very politely asked if I could just grab the dumbells.  He did move but only after he felt compelled to roll his eyes and sigh to his friend.  I said nothing, but what i was thinking was, "Okay, duuude … So I'm an old guy and I'm not a body builder.  Let's get something straight though.  Even at my age I could (though I'm not that desperate) elect to take steroids or human growth hormone and put on a lot of muscle weight.  Tell me, duuude … what's YOUR plan for achieving the lofty height of 5'4"???  LOL!!!" 

Get over that fact that you're the height of a girl figure skater and work out your back once in a while so that you won't have that overly tight chested arms pulled forward stance all the time.


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3 thoughts on “on aaaah-titude …

  1. "Get over that fact that you're the height of a girl figure skater…" HAHAHAHAHA!!And I bet he cranks his stereo up to mega-boom when he's driving. Captain Compensate.

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