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Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before–David Yoo

Albert Kim gave up on having any friends in high school at some point during his Frosh year.  Instead, he decided that that best way to approach having a social life in school was to avoid having any friends at all and just enjoy a Zenlike detachment of being an intentional loser.  During the summer after his sophomore year, Albert has two choices, not fitting in at a geeky academic camp or getting a summer job so he lands a job cleaning rooms at a local inn.  As it happens, Mia Stone, social royalty at Bern High School is his coworker at the Bern Inn and over the course of the summer an unlikely, but very welcomed, romance blossoms.  Albert looks forward to returning to school a new man, but given Albert's cursed life, regaining a social just is not going to be as easy as all that.  Mia, you see, is the ex-girlfriend of Ryan Stackhouse, the ivy league bound big man on campus and to top it all off, Ryan has just been diagnosed with cancer and is going to need Mia's support to make it through his treatments. 

An intriguing read with interesting characters.  Yoo captures the feeling of young love and heartbreak that (in retrospect) blurrs the line between devotion and stalking and he does it with an entertaining mix of hyperbole and realism that works nicely.

The fact that he is male and an Asian author is also a big plus since one of my co-worker always teases me about the grave shortage of books written by Asian males.  Thank goodness for Gene Yang and David Yoo!!!

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