on random summer thoughts …

Wow! What a news week, huh?  Some of my random thoughts …

  • OMG!!! Michael Jackson died!!! Crazy …
  • Poor Farah Fawcett, huh?  She dies and then probably won't even get to be the top story on Entertainment Tonight.  So sad … She deserved to be the top story on ET, but her timing was bad.
  • Mark … John … Eliot … John … David (Sanford, Ensign, Spitzer, Edwards, Vitter) … Duuudes … Marriage … Vows … Obviously, it must be all those fag-fag, dyke-dyke nuptuals in California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Iowa that did made your marriages fall apart … Damn those gays, huh???  They make a big deal about marriage and now look what's happened … !!!
  • I'm thinking of swimming in an open ocean race on Saturday.
  • I bought a toaster for $9.99, but it is too small to fit Costco sized bread slices so you have to toast one side of the bread, then flip the slice over and do the second side (it's hard to explain, but let's just say it wasn't one of my better purchases).

I know that the graphic (from TMP.com) only covers Republicans, but I figure that, that's pretty much fair as most Dems don't want to run into your bedroom and make sure that you're being all chaste and missionary-like.  I'm not such a stupid ass, though, to think that Dems don't do their share of knoodling on the side, but we knew that Clinton was a dog when we voted for him so it didn't surprise us that there was a blue dress … It's a lot more fun when the duuudes play tough conservative family man, then can't keep the pecker in the pants … 

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