on hawaii, day 1 (very random) …

This is the view of Diamond Head from my condo … Okay … Maybe the condo in my dream head, but not the one that I actually own … Anyway …

Got up early and got in a workout at the gym, went to the library and borrowed a bunch of new young adult lit. to read, went to Homo Depot to buy a replacement ceiling fan, and went to Costco for pizza and to buy food for the week.  Tomorrow will be our first beach day.  Even though I grew up and spent my first 35 years of life living here, every time I come home now, I am shocked at how freakin' humid it can be here!  I don't hold up so well in the humidity. 

Netflix delivered three DVDs for me: Were the World Mine, Blue Crush, and American Summer.

One of my best friends, Mrs. B., used to be a lawyer and left to become a public high school history teacher (very Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds, huh?) and I found out today that Mrs. B. and I will be able to play a lot this summer!  Mrs. B. is a great mommy to two fantastic little girls so although we have touched bases very regularly overt he years we haven't been able to play as much as we did before mommyhood.  Well the girls are now school aged and in summer school now so Mrs. B. is on summer break too!!!

Time for an afternoon siesta … So hot and humid … Though I'm also very tempted to watch the pilot episode of Glee for a third time …

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