on good magazines, but annoying business models …

I really like Men's Health Magazine, but I've hated their annoyingly hyper aggressive marketing tactics for a long time. I've been a subscriber for years even though I hate how they do business. They once sent me what appeared to me (and to others that I showed it to) to be a notice from a collection agency with no indication that it came from Rodale. As I seem to recall (it was a while ago) when I called to get information about the collection notice, it turned out that i wasn't in default of anything, but the "agency" is an internal division of Rodale and they wanted to "collect" on my renewal which wasn't up for a few months. Pretty cheesy stuff, but once they had me on the phone the lady offered me an extra cheap price for two years of subscription so I took it. I mean, I know that I'm an enabler here, but it was really cheap and I knew I was going to keep subscribing so I did the stupid thing and took the deal.

In the past I had also let my subscriptions lapse because I didn't like their tactics and after a few months I'd get tired of paying the cover price and would go back to subscribing. One time, I think that I renewed and they sent me, like, three months of old issues so I could get "caught up" and not miss any of the great information. Pretty crappy treatment, huh?

Unfortunately, Men's Health really is so far superior to the other magazines geared toward men (and really IMHO, it's just so damned gay …) that I put up with it and just try not to think about how unethical this company's tactics are. I'm glad that someone is looking into it though … Go Florida!!!

Besides, how else will I learn about all the Flat-Belly Foods that I should be eating instead of the burgers and fries that have been the staple of my diet over the last four days???

clipped from www.walletpop.com

Florida investigating major publisher over sales tactics

The Florida Attorney General's office is investigating the sales tactics of Rodale Inc., publisher of Men's Health and Prevention magazines, Walletpop.com has learned.
You can read Rodale's legal challenge and see the state's subpoenas here.
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