on summer movies …

I continue to get my money's worth of movies out of my Netflix membership. I've loved Netflix's three-at-a-time DVD plan since I signed a number of years ago, but more recently I've grown into a huge fan of Netflix's streaming video service.  The movies included in the streaming video selection tend largely to be older movies, indie flix, or documentaries, but that's a lot of what I like to watch anyway so it works for me.  The picture quality of the streaming videos seems to have improved hugely over the last year to the point where the viewing experience is really amazingly good (considering that my dsl speeds aren't exactly top tier … sigh).  Earlier today I watched a movie called Perfect Opposites with Martin Henderson and Piper Perabo.  The movie was passable–both leads are really easy on the eyes and I thought that they had good chemistry together. 

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