on mailbox kidnapping … ?

Where the heck are all of the mailboxes in LaLa land disappearing to?  There used to be four mailboxes that I passed on my commute to work where it was easy and safe to pull over and drop a bill (very rare with the advent of online bill paying) or Netflix DVD return (quite regular since I need to get my money's worth of rentals every month).  One-by-one the mailboxes have disappeared in the dead of night.  There are some post offices that are short detours from my commute to work so it isn't the end of the world, but I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who has noticed the phenomenon of the disappearing mailboxes.

What do seniors or people who can't easily drive do to drop their mail?  When you think about it, senior citizens are probably the least likely folk to be doing their bill paying online so they're more likely to use a mailbox down on the corner of the block than people who can drive to the post office on the way to work. Is this a LaLa land happening or is it going on in other places? 

I know that lots of people out there are all about cutting taxes and cutting taxes and cutting taxes and it's not like I LOVE paying taxes, but at some point I don't mind paying a bit more in taxes to be sure that someone can pour water on my burning house or fix the pothole in the road or have a mailbox where I can drop an envelope down at the end of the street. 

In the end does not having to collect mail from mailboxes really save that much money?  So confusing, huh … ?

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2 thoughts on “on mailbox kidnapping … ?

  1. I heard about this issue — it might have been in the paper or on the local news. Apparently the USPS is removing mailboxes that are underutilized. A mail box has to receive an average of 25 pieces of mail per week or else it gets removed from service. I make a point of dropping mail in the mail box around the corner just so that it doesn't go away.

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