on sonia …

Well it seems that President Barack nominated (Surprise!!!!) a judge who, apparently, leans to the left.  From what I've read, it doesn't look like Sonia will be what I would LOVE which is a hugely ideological liberal … (An Antonin Scalia for the left).  The liberal "wing" of society seems to get rational, reasoned, and pragmatic.  The hard right gets ideological young people, but such is life … 

While I wouldn't wish ill on any of the Justices, hypothetically, I neither would I be heart broken if Clarence, Antonin or John fell suddenly ill and had to resign.

I wouldn't be surprised if President Barack appointed an ideological liberal if he, indeed, were given a second opportunity to appoint a Supreme.

Anyway, here's what the White House has to say about her, posted at the TPM blog.

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