on playing well with others and other navel gazing observations …

Yeah … I know that I'm really snide and snarky in this space, but I thought that I was doing an okay job of keeping my snide snarkiness here. 

Yeah … Recent events have made me realize that, basically, I'm just a snide and snarky person both in the virtual world and the 3-D one.  That was this week's self-realization #1.

Self-realization #2 is that I just DO NOT play well with others.  That's sad, huh?  I wish that I had good people skills, but it's time to just face facts.  Yeah … I don't have good people skills.

Self-realization #3 … I hate meetings of all kinds.  It is very frustrating to me to work with other people who just don't get it.  Good committee members empathize with others and patiently bring those people along in a process so that the committee can then achieve its goals.  My tendancy, when sitting around a table with people who don't get it is to just get pissed at how incredibly stupid and lame they are.  This tends to not be great for the "plays well with others" grade on your report card. 

The thing is that as a kid I got GREAT grades for "plays well with others" which sounds like a good thing.  The problem, though, is that the reason that I played so well with others is that I had so little confidence that I never felt like I could say what I really thought, ask for what I really wanted, or disagree in any way.  That's not a good thing either …

I thought that by the time I got to be forty-five, that I'd have all of this figured out but I guess it doesn't work that way …

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