on new to me music …

So it's kind of cool because I'm finding out that there is, indeed, some pretty cool music out there … I mean, I've been REALLY stuck in the 80s alternative stuff that I listened to in high school and college.  The odd thing is that what was considered "alternative" in my time is now being used to advertise toothpaste and Kias … Not so alternative any more … LOL …

Now I the only way that I learn about new artists is from TV shows and movie soundtracks so by the time I learn about them, they're basically old news. 

So who the heck is this Adele person anyway?  She sang on my girl, Betty's, Ugly show last Thursday and that song has been stuck in my head ever since.  Scooter Kitty'll probably be either appalled that I like her music or appalled that I dont' know who she is, but forgive me … As I said, I've been in musical hibernation for twenty-five years …

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