on questions of life or death …

There was a recent thread on old fashioned listserv that I'm on for people who work in big buildings with lots of books and young people in them.  A poster asked for activity center ideas that could be set up for first graders studying chicks and chickens.  One aspect of the unit of study is that the first graders get fertile chicken eggs and watch them hatch in an incubator.  A second poster asked, "What happens to the chicks after the project?"

Hmmm … What's the right answer to that question? 

  • As our culminating activity we have a good old fashioned chicken fry with all the trimmings?

  • We sort out the strongest males and take 'em to the fights … The rest of the useless ones get fed to the dogs?

  • We send them to a celebrity run ranch for retired class pets and science projects where they'll live out their days frollicking with the retired hamsters, rabbits, and mice?

So … What do you think is the right answer?

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One thought on “on questions of life or death …

  1. I vote for the chicken fry. Did your family fry chicken at home? My father used a batter for chicken that included soy sauce (I don't think that's traditional).

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