on being unable to avert my eyes …

Moobs and Romulans … I just can't seem to look away …!!!

I know that staring is bad but still sometimes I just can't get myself to avert my eyes … I was a really fat kid growing up so I long ago put the dream of six-pack abs away in the deep freeze because they're never gonna happen on me so why court all that disappointment.  On the other hand, my ability to develop moobs would seem to be very real, (I know that it's freakin' weird as hell) but as a result, when I see a dude with moobs I can't friggin' look away … and believe me .. that's not a good thing at all …

Today at the gym, I found a second thing from which I was TOTALLY unable to avert my eyes … This guy had shaved or plucked his eyebrows so that they pointed up into a V-shape and they were about half the length that a

normal guy-brow would usually be.  I, very literally, thought to myself, "Is he a fashion trend setter or just a big fan of the Star Trek franchise?"  He looked COMPLETELY like Eric Bana's Romulan character (I haven't seen the movie, but I've seen previews and pics all over the place) in the new movie!!!   

Anyway if you're reading this and you are a friend of mine, I know that friends are supposed to make their friends feel good (thus they're "friends"), but if I ever start to grow moobs or wear anything that makes me look like I have moobs, for god's sake please friggin' tell me!!!  And as far as that goes, if I ever feel compelled to shave my guy-brows in half, please just say, "NO!!!"

Yeah … Thanks …

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