on being the sphincter …

One part of my job is to monitor a computer lab.  We have a ton of computers, but when projects are due competition for a work station can get tough.  I walked into the tech center today and there were three boys playing games while other kids were waiting for computers.  I reminded the room that they needed to be doing school work only and everyone got to work … Fair enough … As it turns out though one little butt was still playing his game behind his open document … This is known as the play in work's clothing strategy. 

As a result, I employed the "Mr. Ambookgeek is going to go off on you so everybody else in the tech center hears and he won't have to do it again for other people" strategy.  For shorthand purposes this strategy is sometimes also known as the "being a walking sphincter."

It isn't as much fun as it sounds, but whatever … I guess that everybody in an organization has a role to play and being pycho sphincter guy has become the one that I get to play … Sigh …

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