on death and renewal …


The medium sized strip mall in my neighborhood that is home to my junk gym was also the home to a horrible Circuit City outlet that has, mercifully, closed.  Part of me feels really bad for the employees who lost their jobs, but the other part of me says, "Good riddance people … Your BIG-A service sucked, so thank god for economic natural selection."  (I do realize, however, that the reality is these same horrid employees will now probably collect unemployment benefits that, with the stimulus package, will stretch to eighteen months … Which is a bit of a wet blanket on my passive-aggressive ill will toward my fellow person but at this point that's neither here nor there … And in case you are wondering, I am a liberal Democrat who believes in unemployment benefits, but still … I'm not stupid or naive enough to believe that many un-deserving people who did a crappy job at their jobs will be helped along with the majority of hard working people who are getting displaced from the workforce … Anyway …).  I expected the Circuit City space to be empty for months and months, but today a sign went up and … ROSS DRESS FOR LESS is coming to a mall near me!!!  I heart Ross Dress for Less!!!  Sometimes the is, indeed, a silver lining in a black cloud!

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