on my junk gym …

I'm closing the big building with lots of books today.  The nice part about closing is that the closing person doesn't come in to work until 9:15 so I get to work out in the morning before coming in for the day.  So … This morning I went to the gym.  As it was 6:00 in the morning, there weren't many people working out, but here's the thing … even without many people there, I still could only find a single twenty pound dumbell.  My gym is, apparently, 65,000 square feet of fitness space, yet, there is not even one single full set of twenty pound dumbells to use.  What's up with that, huh???  With probably fewer than 20 members working out in the space, fewer than half of the dumbells were on the racks.  Guests and trainers just use the dumbells and leave them sitting all over the gym.  It's sad, really …

While the gym, the L.A. Fitness on La Cienega, is beautifully designed the management really sucks the big one!!! They're lame, money grubbing scum sucking, incompetent 'holes. 

Don't take my word for it though.  Here's what some other people have to say in reviews at Los Angeles by City Search,

the place is so trashy but pretencious it makes you wanna run. the stuff is comprised of jail wardens and former addicts. the classes are basic and the teachers try to sell you their private training if you want more. there is a sweat stink and equipment that is inoperable but also doesn't get replaced. if you are an idiot who believe that just by paying membership fees they are getting the exercise they need go ahed, join and be abused.

The place is alright, but proper etiquette is neither posted nor enforced so it makes for tricky negotiations with people who don't know common courtesy. The staff are pretty lame – not much better than grocery store check out clerks. Just keep in mind, if you join and then want to cancel make sure you track your cancellation letter (or they'll deny receiving it).  And I have no idea how their average rating is so high here given the reviews!

At first I thought the gym was ALL RIGHT…big enough, with lots of equipment…until I met the staff and actually started to use the equipment did I realize how awful this place is. First of all, my trainer was horrible. He couldn't wait for our 20 minute set was up so he could spend 40 minutes to guilt trip me into buying more of his lousy sessions. Then, the sales manager called me up AT HOME making FALSE claims that I owed money and was in danger of having my account reported to the credit bureau. Then she continued to lie and say that my automatic bank withdrawals were never made. Intrigued and highly concerned at this point I went on to speak with the billing department who then told me, my payments have all been withdrawn from my account at the right times, and basically, Gail, the sales manager, LIED so she could get her commission faster. Who does that?? And with dated equipment that are always occupied, and other equipment with repair signs on it, who needs to exercise at such a dump??? Watch out for the shyster Gail. Don't give her your phone number.

Sadly, I'd have to say that most of the reviews are like this and they are absolutely accurate.  I know Gail, the woman described in the last review and she's horrible.  There is another manager named Lea that is a bit better, but better than completely lame still leaves a lot of room for really crappy work, huh? 

I keep going there, however, because it is two blocks from my apartment.  It's crappy, but still, it's good enough for me to get in the workouts that I need to do and, for me, location and ease of access trumps good trainers and service.  Too bad though, because if it had even half-decent management it could be an awesome place.

Anyway … Happy weekend everybody.  S/O got a gift certificate so I'm going to go to dinner at Olive Garden tonight!!!  All the breadsticks and salad I can eat, baby!!!

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