on one hit wonders of the 80s …

Missy over at A Zombie Touched My Neck posted about an (apparent) controversy about VH1s pick for the top One Hit Wonder band of the 80s.  Apparently some in the blogosphere are not happy with their choice of "Come on IEileen."  Missy's choice was "I Melt With You" by the Modern English … I must say, a very nice choice indeed (the girl has good taste).  It's a tough call, but I think that I'm going to have to go with "It's My Life" by Talk Talk.  I'm an NPR junkie these days and I don't even own an iPod so my musical chops really are stuck in the 80s, but "It's My Life" just has staying power.  Apparently, there is quite a story behind the making of this video and this is a second version.  I just, though, remember waiting all night in clubs for this to play before I would go home …

Some runners up …

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4 thoughts on “on one hit wonders of the 80s …

  1. Oh gosh..80s videos still crack me up! They tried to use everything they could in terms of effects! LOL! Hum, "Come On Eileen" as number 1? I would have chosen "Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran or "Rio". Seriously, those videos are amazing! I can't believe you posted Tarzan Boy! That video cracks me up 🙂

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