on having “a” facebook …

I have a Facebook account, but it's blank.  There is absolutely nothing on it at all.  I tend to be a latecomer to these parties.  I only started blogging about five years after it was the cutting edge thing to do.  I didn't get my first cell phone until, like, 2002.  I've resisted getting into the whole Facebook thing because I hate being a bandwagon jumper on-er.  Now, I am TOTALLY a mainstream bandwagon jumper on-er (I hate wearing clothes that make me noticable in a crowd … I spent my four years of high school trying my best to be cellophane boy and fly under the radar …), but I like to maintain the delusion in my head that I'm a counterculturalist at heart. 

I have, however, finally decided that it is time to try this Facebook thingy.  I came to this conclusion based on the fact that during my spring break vacation in Hawaii I have run into no less than four friends with whom I've lost touch over the years who have each ended our conversations with, "Hey, are you on Facebook?  Look me up …"  Now, I'm not talking about new fangled techie geek people.  I'm talking the soccer mom set, the sold-school librarian with buns set, the elementary school teacher set, and the president of our condo homeowners' association set …

I guess I had little motivation to get in the Facebook when all of my thoughts about Facebook were revolving around, "Is it okay for middle school teachers to 'friend' their students?" (For the record … Eeeewwww!!! What friggin' kind of freak of a middle school teacher wants to 'friend' an eighth grader???  Come on young teachers … Grow the hell up … Kids have lots of 'friends' they need you to be 'teachers' … Anyway … And again … Eeeewwww!!!).  I my thoughts about it have kind of changed because there are, aparently, lots of people that I'd like to touch bases with, with some regularity on a superficial level (not, superficial in a bad sense … just a pragmatic one) and Facebook seems to be the way to do just that.  So I'm gonna try Facebooking. 

My main issue at this point is that my tutor to all things Web 2.0, Ms. Scooter Kitty herself, is not around so I have to wait until I see her next week before putting all of that information about myself out there for all to see.  I just want to be sure that my ever expanding digital footprint won't someday come back to kick me in my ass in some way … 

By the way, did you know that there are no less than 259 people with my name on Facebook???  WTF???  Here I thought that I was so unique and special and now I find out that there are a whole friggin' lot of me … Damned people in Singapore and Malaysia … Why do you have to have westernized names???  How are the masses of people who have been looking for me on Facebook all these years ever going to find me with all of you cluttering up the damned search results???  Damn you all!!!  Damn you!!!

Have a nice day everyone …

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3 thoughts on “on having “a” facebook …

  1. My one objection to facebook (and this is through personal experience) is that it's too public. I mean yeah you can go through all the privacy settings and pretty much set yourself up so that no one but you and only your friends can see, add, or message you. However it seems like the more and more people you add, the more and more people that add you, the more people you meet, see, or hear from, and ultimately it'll just be one big "facebook update" on your life and goings-ons. It is addicting at first but when you have 100+ people and you realise you only talk to about 20 of them well… You've jumped on to the facebook bandwagon and jumped on it hard.Good luck and happy facebooking!

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