on home invaders …

Significant Other and I live in Lala Land, but we because we both have school schedules we spend a lot 'o time in Hawaii.  I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined that I would ever be able to own a home in Hawaii as the cost of real estate is pretty astronomical here.  Thanks completely to the financial genius and financial discipline of Significant Other, though, we actually have our very own vacation place to stay in when we're here for winter, spring, and summer breaks!!!  The thought of that blows my mind even as I'm sitting here in our condo writing this (if you're single, you really should aim to "marry up." Marrying up is something I highly recommend as picking my partner in life has been my life's great accomplishment thus far … 🙂 … As Martha says, "It's a good thing."  Anyway …) 

Our vacation place is pretty near to perfect in my mind.  I love our location as we're about ten minutes from the beach, fifteen minutes from my mom's house, five minutes from our gym, five minutes from the best mall on the island, three minutes from a drug store, three minutes from a supermarket, and while we're in the center of Honolulu proper our building is set off from a main thorough fare just enough so that it doesn't seen disturbingly congested. 

My perfect world, however, just got a little less perfect.  If you know me at all, you'd know that I am chalk full 'o irrational fears and other crap.  On of my most prevalent irrational fears is that I'm deathly afraid of geckos.  Hawaii, being in the sub-tropics, has a lot of geckos there really is just no avoiding them. Most people in Hawaii like them because the eat the other insects that thrive in the tropics.  Having geckos invade a home in Hawaii is really no surprise at all, but for the last year, our condo here has been blissfully gecko free.  This morning I locked eyes with a spotted brown guy who then proceeded to run behind one of the cabinets in the kitchen.  The thought of him hanging out there with his suction cup feet makes my skin crawl even as I write this now. 

I'm a realist in that i know that I won't be able to rid my place of geckos so I'm just going with the flow on this, but … I know he's there … OMG … I know he's there … 

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4 thoughts on “on home invaders …

  1. Years ago,when I first moved to the FL Keys, and realized the gecko population liked it quite well in my canal-front home, thankyouverymuch, and had no intention of leaving, I was sure I'd never be able to sleep there ever again. The thought of one of them skittering across the ceiling and somehow falling into my mouth while I lay dreaming and drooling… ::shudder:: Happy Ending: It never happened. In fact, I did totally get used to seeing them around the house and appreciated their assistance with the ants who took them on and lost.I cannot speak as kindly for the small frog that popped out of the toilet when I was cleaning up pre-move-in. I shrieked and leapt away. SO yelled, "WHAT?" Me: "There's a FROG IN THE TOILET!" SO: [hysterical laughter at my expense as he came and took the little guy out to the canal]. So you see, it could be worse, you could have toilet frogs.

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