on the wonders (and limitations) of dtv …

Yay!  Spring break is here and I'm back "home" (I think that Hawaii will always be "home" even though I've lived in La La land for almost ten years).  Since our place in Hawaii is just a vacation place, we don't want to pay for monthly cable access that only gets used for, like, a week at Christmas, a week or two during spring break, and for a few weeks during the summer.  For us, the conversion to digital tv has actually turned out to be a pretty good thing.  This morning I got up early and set up our DTV converter box and antenna.  As I have been a cable tv junkie since the early days of the cable industry, I haven't watched "rabbit ear tv" in a LONG time.  I have to say, the digital TV signals that do come in are AMAZING.  They're crisp and clear.  The ghosting and snow that I remember from my analog rabbit ear days is completely gone.  The only issue is that I can't seem to pick up a signal for the CBS affiliate in our area of Honolulu.  Other than that, the DTV conversion gets a thumbs up from me.  I do watch, however, a lot of shows that are not broadcast TV based.  I'm a big fan of the quirky shows on BBC America, Bravo, Fine Living, HGTV, TLC and other cable networks high up in the three digit range on the remote control so I'm still going to be a big Slingbox user, but I have to say, that being able to watch a full sized tv while on vacation is … "A good thing …"  Thanks Martha …  

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