on shotguns and poor aim …

Uncle John

Okay … So I know that it is bad manners to kick people when they're down or to celebrate others' misfortunes too vociverously, but OMG this is just too RICH!!!  When you run as the champion of a "real America" [wink, wink] in places where "real Americans live" [wink, wink] and "in support of traditional family values" [as defined by the GOP .. wink, wink] you and your hypocrisy are fair game sweetie … And payback's a bitch!!! 

Let's face it, it isn't like anyone with half a brain thought that this wedding would ever take place unless momma and Uncle John needed yet another withdrawal from the political ATM that is the Evangelical wing of the GOP, but this is just too much fun to pass up … It would seem that gay's don't really have to do much to bring forth the end of traditional marriage as the straights of the world seem to be doing just fine all on their own …
One has to wonder that if Levi and Bristol had learned about those crazy newfangled things called condoms, they wouldn't be in the news so much … But then, that might have made them have sex before they got married … Well … Cows are out of the barn on that one, huh? … Never mind …The other thing that comes to mind is that maybe Momma Sarah just isn't as outdoorsy as she let on during the campaign and her aim with the shotgun isn't as good as we all would have thought.  I, for one, suspect that Uncle John might have been the one with the well tuned scope on his shotgun and once we was out of the picture, the incentive for Bristol's and Levi's whole wedding thing just wasn't there. 

Where are you now, Uncle John?  Bristol and Levi need you!!!  I guess it DOES take a village to raise these kids nowadays … But then, I guess you're all wrapped up in fixing our cratering economy now and since you can only do one thing at a time, I guess that it's good that you're helping out with that and all …

But also, how ironic the Hilary was right when she came out with that whole "It takes a village" concept, huh???

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2 thoughts on “on shotguns and poor aim …

  1. Actually, it's a photoshopped pic that made the rounds during the election. It's really mean and partisan, but also just too good not to keep alive by posting over and over …

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