on mr. blowhard and ms. bitter …

I have a colleague at work that is Mr. Blowhard.  The dude bugs me.  His friend is Ms. Bitter.  She bugs me too.

Recently, our CFO addressed our faculty to give us an update about what the outlook is for our institution's finances.  Like, I think, most of the reasonably rational people on the faculty who don't have their heads up their butts, I thought that what the CFO said was reasonable, rational, and I left the meeting feeling pretty good about my personal situation with regard to work.  No layoffs. No cut backs in salaries. No rollbacks in benefits. Some slight belt tightening on department budgets. Cutting back on things like snacks and treats at meetings.  Smaller than customary raises, but raises nonetheless. Given the economic climate right now … PRETTY FRIGGIN' GOOD, HUH???

At lunch yesterday (by the way, our institution provides us with "free lunch" everyday) I sat down with a bunch of teachers and Mr. Blowhard started on one of his rants about how unreasonable everything said at the meeting was.  He actually proposed raising our tuition upwards of 30% so that we could continue to be compensated and kept in the manner to which we have become accustomed.  Ms. Bitter, then chimed in about how she agreed and the two of them began their little festival of bitter.  A third teacher waited patiently then attempted to interject some reason into the conversation, but Mr. Blowhard and Ms. Bitter were already off to the races.

I decided that their stupidassness was toxic so I stood up, took my lunch, and went to eat in my office.  It was nice and quiet there.

In the past, I had a confrontation with Mr. Blowhard about his scheme to get out of his responsibility to complete his jury duty service and it wasn't pretty.  I just didn't want to get into it yesterday. Don't get me wrong I'm no fan of jury duty, but I'm sorry … The upshot of it all is this, If, as an educated person, you opt out of your jury duty responsibility, then you lose your damned perceived right to comment about the "broken justice system" in the U.S. so STFU!!!

Such a stupidass!!!   

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2 thoughts on “on mr. blowhard and ms. bitter …

  1. Be reasonable. Have pity on them. After all, it must be very difficult for them to see much of the real world, with their heads where they are. One can only see so much through one's own navel.

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