on urban wildlife …

Those of you who know me know that I used to have a paralyzing irrational fear of squirrels.  Well, my irrational fear of squirrels still exists, but I've learned to deal with it enough that is is kind of like a really bad limp rather than full paralysis. 

Anyway, I tell you this because I'm not big into wildlife and living in the paved concrete jungle that makes up much of the lovely City of Angels, I rarely have to deal with much urban wildlife (that is if you don't count homosapien teens).  In the past three weeks, however, I've seen more urban wildlife than usual. 

On my way to work early in the morning, a few weeks ago a strange looking dog run across the road and I realized that it was a possum.  Their eyes and tail are just too gross to even think about.  They're also a lot bigger than one would think.  The strange thing is that it was crossing a street in my neighborhood that is filled with apartment buildings that back up to strip malls.  Every time I think of it, I keep wondering, "Where was Mr. Possum going?  The 7-11?  The Baskin Robbins?  Where???"

A few days later, I was about half way to work when a good sized skunk ran across the road in front of me.  Mr. Skunk ran diagonally across the intersection at Beverly Glenn and Santa Monica Blvd.  We're talking four+

lanes of asphalt in each direction and an intersection that accommodates many tens of thousands of cars every day of the year.  I ask again, "Where the heck was Mr. Skunk heading?  The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf?  The Rite Aid?  The Chevron station?  Where???"

Finally, this weekend I was sitting on the sofa watching TV.  Directly outside my window and about 15 feet away is a fence where I frequently see squirrels running back and forth along the fence that separates my apartment building the the adjacent houses.  A raccoon the size of a medium sized dog strolled along the top of the fence and calmly climbed down one of the trees and into the neighbor's yard.  I mean, this time I knew exactly where Mr. Raccoon went, but now I keep wondering,

"Hey, Mr. Raccoon, where the hell did you come from?  Were you just passing by or have you recently moved into the area?  And geez … You're way friggin' bigger than I thought you'd be!!!  Day-um!!!"


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