on california and budgets and weirdness …

California politics is bizarre.  The State Constitution can be amended by getting a bunch of signatures.  Getting those signatures gets a proposition to amend the Constitution on the ballot during an election.  A simple majority of the ballots cast in that election can then amend the California Constitution–That's what happened with Prop 8 which changed the California Constitution banning marriage between fags and dykes. 

On the other hand, in order to pass a simple State budget from year to year, the legislature has to achieve a "super majority" or a two-thirds majority of the legislature.  I mean, WTF???  Ironically, in state where the Democratic party is extremely dominant the extremist wing of the Republican party can hold the entire state budget hostage.  Even the Republican Governor has been completely unsuccessful in getting anyone to budge. 

It's a friggin' mess.  On the other hand, the budget crisis has gotten so bad that California will be issuing IOUs to people instead of their tax refunds.  I'm thinking that the public's support for the super majority provision in the budget process will wane significantly when people can't get their refunds.  Apparently  the Sacramento Bee reports that, that is hapenning already.  

Whatever … I just wish that my marriage to S/O could stop being in limbo and that other fags and dykes could get married if they wanted to …

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