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the dead and the gone
Susan Beth Pfeffer

The Dead and the Gone—Susan Beth Pfeffer


In this companion to Life As We Knew it, seventeen-year old Alex Morales is living life in New York City when an asteroid crashes into the moon.  Though predicted, scientists have greatly underestimated the force of the impact which pushes the moon out of its orbit and into an orbit closer to the Earth.  The moon’s new orbit causes huge tsunamis and tidal flooding and the moon’s increased gravitational pull pulls magma to the earth’s surface causing long dormant volcanoes to begin erupting anew.  The worldwide eruptions force huge amounts of ash into the atmosphere blocking out the sun and causing the onset of a prolonged winter and the loss of the crops and livestock around the world.  Through it all, Alex does all that he can and all that he must in order to survive and to care for his two younger sisters.  A quick moving adventure of survival that is imminently enjoyable as long as one can overlook some gaping plot holes—NYC is abandoned and people are dying everywhere yet the main protagonists don’t break into the apartments in their 16-story apartment building to find food or warm clothing? 


Still, a really entertaining read.

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