on my makeover obsessions …


I haven't been posting very regularly of late.  I got a bit distracted by my DVR.  Here's what I've been obsessing about instead of posting here. 

I seem to have this unnatural affinity for television shows about makeover shows.  This obsession started years ago with my discovery of Trading Spaces on TLC which lead to a very long period where I was fascinated by television shows about people making over their homes.  I loved the original trading spaces with Alex McLeod, then she left and Paige Davis took over.  I stopped watching the show when they went to the whole no host concept.  I think they jumped the shark at that point.  I know that Paige is back, but I haven't gotten back into the game.  Along the way, I also enjoyed Weekend Warriors and I still watch Desperate Landscapes.

I also seem to be fascinated by people and lifestyle makeover shows.  Neat, where Helen Buttigieg comes and organizes your messy house, office, mud room, living room, kitchen, or whatever is one of my dream shows.  I want her to organize me!!!   Of course, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was fun for a while.  I'm glad they called it quits before jumping the shark and What Not to Wear with Clinton and Stacy continues to be a reliable stalwart.

My newest obsessions, though, are DIET MAKEOVER shows!!! OMG … I LOVE these!!!  If you haven't seen You Are What You Eat on BBC America, you just don't know what you're missing!!!  They do everything from put everything that the subject eats for a week on a huge table for them to see and it is usually … A LOT!!! … to taking a stool sample and analyzing the nutrients … to inspecting people's tongues.  It's wonderful!!!  DietTribe on Lifetime is also kind of intriguing, but I'll have to wait and see if it holds my attention.

I don't tend to like shows where people do crazy stuff like have tons of plastic surgery … ick … and I don't like contest shows where they have to lose so much weight or they get sent home.  Basically, I don't usually like the makeover shows on the big networks. 

I guess I'm a high up on the dial person in general.

So … That's what I've been doing instead of blogging  … Sorry …   

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