on a lot of nothing …

I didn't do a whole lot this weekend.  Had mediocre overpriced burger at The French Quarter in West Hollywood on Friday night.  Went to lay out by the pool and get a bit of sun at the 24-Hour Fitness on Saturday.  Went out for brunch at John O'Groats this morning, then S/O had to go to work for a special function and I spent the day wandering around town looking for good sales, but not buying anything.

For some very odd reason, I really really wanted a McDonald's strawberry sundae (dollar value menu artificial goodness at its zenith, thank you very much …).  I passed no less than three McDonald's restaurants on my way home from the Target in Manhattan Beach, then stopped at the McDonald's around the corner from our apartment.  Wouldn't you know it … Their friggin' sundae machine was broken … Sigh …

I want my sundae … Now I'm sad because I have the back to work blues. 

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