on a hand like a claw and other random stuff …

I haven't been posting much because I have a DVR now.  I have so much to watch on TV that I haven't been getting online much.  This DVR thing is CRAZY!!!  I've set up a whole bunch of series recordings so I'm set!!!  Why in the world would anyone ever watch tv live ever again???  I have seen the promised land and I can't go back.  In the words of Jerry Sienfeld (which I now record … 5 episodes worth …), "I can't!  I won't!" 

On a different note, I went to a workshop on podcasting for people who work in big buildings with lots of books. It was okay, but just okay … I would have liked to have learned a little more.  I did enjoy carpooling down and back with a liberrian from another school and lunch was great, but overall the workshop probably could have been better.  I did, though, find this very cool video when I was at the workshop.  Here's to the Wiz!!!


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