on muppet heckling …

My favorite muppets are not Kermit, Ms. Piggy, Gonzo or even Fozzie Bear (though he's really high up there … waaka, waaka, waaka …).  My absolute favorite muppets are Statler and Waldorf, the two old guys who sit up in the balcony and heckle people. 

Scooter Kitty and I have this Statler and Waldorf thing that happens at work when we get bored and today was one of those days.  We were working the desk in the new big building with lots of books and the time was crawling by at a torturously slow clip.  When we get bored, we like to entertain ourselves by heckling the freshfaced youngsters that dare to enter into our temple of knowledge.  Today though we upped the ante and took our heckling high tech.  We have monitoring software that allows us to see what students are doing online in our computer lab.  Generally, they aren't supposed to spend the day away playing games in our computer lab and, honestly, they are really very good about following the rules.  When they are gaming we will usually send them a message reminding them to use their time wisely and they get the idea and get to work.  As a matter of entertainment for ourselves,  today we decided to control of their computers and play their games for them.  We crashed a few cars, clicked on a few settings to make the games really hard, and generally just a grand old time messing with them.  At this point our freshfaced youngsters have us figured out and immediately came to the desk and accused us of taking over their computers.  We had no plausible deniability so Statler and Waldorf just laughed … 

Sometimes working in a middle school is just too good to be true.  Good times … 

Alas, however, because our boss knows how we behave when we're together so she rarely schedules us on the desk at the same time.  We used to be office mates, but when we moved to the new big building with lots of books she separated us–probably because we weren't getting enough work done … Gah!!!  So unfair!!! 


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