on rolling out the red carpet …

My mom, sister, and uncle are coming in from Honolulu for a Thanksgiving week visit.  I'm really excited.  They've been here for a visit just once before since I moved here eight years ago.  S/O and I have been madly cleaning our apartment.  I think that we're pretty neat and clean as a whole, but when you start to look at your home the way a visitor might see it you end up doing a lot of cleaning.  Cleaning one part of your home, in turn, becomes a huge spiral of cleaning. Once you get on your hands and knees and scrub the floor in the kitchen so it shines, the stove looks reallly horrible and needs some love.  The floor and stove looking good make the dining room table look pretty bad so it needs to get dusted and oiled.  Once the floor, stove, and dining room table look spiffy the living room looks not so hot … You get the picture.  Once you get it all done, though, your apartment sure feels great!  And it does!!! 

Unfortunately life isn't always perfect and as it happens, just this week the plastering in the ceiling above the shower in the master bedroom cracked and fell down into the shower stall and won't be repaired in time for mom's visit.  Then, this morning as we were changing the sheets on the bed, the warming pad decided to go on the fritz, and finally, I put in a load of laundry and the washing machine broke.  Hopefully, bad things happen in threes and we'll be done for a while!!!  The plaster is gonna stay broken for a while, but the shower is usuable.  I put in a claim for a replacement control for our warming mattress pad, and the washing machine repair dude will be here either today or on Monday. That's all we can do …

On a really big high note, however, I picked up my DVR yesterday!!!  I'm in love!!!  It's amazing!!!

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2 thoughts on “on rolling out the red carpet …

  1. I feel your pain on both counts. For most of my formative years and a
    few after, it wasn't a major event for my family unless an equally
    major appliance broke down. One Thanksgiving the oven gave it up. Two
    days before my August wedding with a house full of guests, the central
    AC conked out. There were more but you get the idea.

    And about the cleaning: I finally decided to hire someone to come in
    and give this place the work it deserves. Then I realized I didn't want
    a stranger to see it looking like this so I've been — say it with me
    — cleaning for the cleaners.

    Hope you and your folks have a great Thanksgiving!!

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