on mean girl politics …

There are a ton of tremendously painful problems plaguing the world so world leaders (and all of the rest of us) have a LOT of work to do.  Intellectually, I know that this isn't the time for petty personal politics, but as a victim of Bush-Dick-and-Rove's impressively mean brand of bullying and hateful rhetoric forgive me for enjoying this BS more than I really should.

This is like a bad teen movie where the mean girl gets taken down.  In the final scene she always does the walk of shame down the hall of the high school and gets dissed by all the kids that have been her victims over the years …

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2 thoughts on “on mean girl politics …

  1. duuuuude. He didn't even LOOK at anyone. I don't think that every one of those people would have snubbed him if he had put out his hand to them. It makes him look like a jackass (okay, more of one) less than he looks unpopular, in my opinion. Although—maybe he knows how hated he is and didn't want to be victim of one of those *psych!* put out your hand and jerk it away to smooth your hair type deals…

  2. OMG!!! … I think you're right on all counts! There probably are some spineless loser world leaders who would still have touched President Cootie-Boy. I suppose that it is more like the bad movie where the mean girl refuses to admit the depravity of her ways and still thinks she's all that even though everybody else knows that she's a loser!!! That's why blogging is so educational … We learn from each other …

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