on the dvr …

I love TV.  I watch a lot of TV.  I love Netflix.  I watch a lot of Netflix DVDs.  I watch a lot of TV shows as Netflix DVDs.  I think that it is time for me to leap into the newfangled world of the DVR.  A few years ago I was at a party with some old friends and one friend, L., said innocently, "We don't have cable."  The silence around the table was deafening and the tension was palpable.  When the shock finally wore off, the questions came rapid fire.  "Why?"  "Why would you do that to your children?"  "What do you do at home?"  It was all very shocking … In this day and age, how in the hell does someone not have cable???

Anyway, the other day I was eating lunch with some young co-workers.  I've been around for a while now so most of them are quite a bit younger than I.  It came up in conversation that I, indeed, do not have a DVR.  The silence and shock, I can tell you, was palpable … The same sense of shock about not having cable was being applied to me and my lack of DVRness. 

R. one of our new teachers said, "You NEED a DVR!!!  I'm concerned about you.  Call them right away and get one.  Do you want me to call?  I'll call them for you …"

It's weird because in some ways I'm an early adopter.  I was on the net and teaching on the net way before most other people I know of, but I didn't get a cell phone until EVERYBODY and EVERYBODY'S grandmas had a cell phone.  I've decided, therefore, to be in the middle wave and go ahead and get a DVR.  It's ten bucks a month and I figure it'll let me record those shows that are on after my 9:00 bedtime so I won't have to be completely out of the TV loop.

Now that I've decided to do it, I'm pretty excited … Kind of like the Obama girls picking out a puppy, huh?  I wonder if I'll be able DVR the selection of their puppy when it starts making the rounds on TV???

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