on twilight at midday …

We're experiencing one of the worst air quality days I've seen since I moved to the City of Angels eight years ago.  We have some pretty bad air quality so that is SAYING SOMETHING! 

We've been experiencing what Angelenos call Santa Ana winds.  During a Santa Ana period, hot dry wind blows in from the desert which gives us these freakishly hot days in the middle of Fall.  Yesterday, the thermometer hit ninety in our area.  The main problem with these Santa Ana conditions is that they create red flag fire conditions.  In turn, red flag fire conditions bring out the arson freaks and we end up dealing with fires all over the Southland.  There are currently a number of fires in three different counties.  The fires closest to me are probably thirty to sixty miles away, but even at that distance cars parked out on the streets are covered with ash, the smell of smoke permeates the air, and the hazy above the city is so thick that it looks like the sun is setting even though it is 11:30 in the morning.  S/O and I went out for our Sunday brunch, but I think that I'm going to have to stay in for the rest of the day. My eyes are red and burning and, although I'm not an asthma sufferer or anything, I can "feel" the air in my lungs.  It is this awful tight feeling in your lungs.  I can breath fine, but I definately won't be doing any cardio exercise today!

These pics from the Los Angeles Times are crazy!!!


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