on dancin’ 70s style …

Last night I chaperoned the awkward and painful, but ultimately wonderful event that is a middle school dance – That 70s Dance as it was … Lots of gogo boots, bell bottoms, big haired wigs, and groovy swirly polyester dresses on girls … Just one extra groovy Greg Brady inspired fringe vest on a single boy.  Chaperoning middle school kids having a great time in all of their awkward, uncomfortable, glory is, honestly, not a bad way to spend an evening once or twice a year (but probably no more than that, thank you very much …).

But then, here's the thing … Somebody's got some 'splaining to do because there was not one single 70s song in all of its 70s grooviness to be heard all night long!  What's up with that??? 

Luckily, since we now have the "series of tubes" known as the "Internet," middle school dance chaperones can come home after a night of chaperoning and relive the 70s when we wore our 70s outfits to middle school dances, but that's just because it WAS the 70s.  Here's a few of the gems …

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