on really bad things that could happen …

The Presidential race is so volatile that the polls are swinging back and forth and showing huge leads for Obama followed by leads of just a point.  I'm worried that just about the very worst thing that could happen would be for Obama to be ahead by just a few points and then to lose a close election.  I think that in a scenario like that, that there'd be horrible rioting and disenfranchisement.  Understand that I am not making a statement about race in any way shape or form (I'm absolutely NOT saying at al that African-American voters would be more inclined to riot that anyone else), but what I'm afraid of is that after the election of 2000 followed by the past 8 years of the Bush Administration, if Obama happens to lose (even if it may happen legitimately) that hardline liberals would refuse to recognize a McCain Administration and that our nation could be in for a pretty major crisis.  I know that should that kind of scenario transpire, as a crazy liberal who felt disenfranchised in 2000, if it came out that there was even a HINT of voter fraud, I'd be out in the streets protesting to high heaven.  I've never ever prostested anything, but I think that I'd feel little choice but to get out for that … 

That thought makes me scared …  I'm a peacenik kind of person, but what are the odds that a protest like that wouldn't turn ugly one way or another???  But what other options or choices would I have???  That's what's so scary … 

So scary …

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2 thoughts on “on really bad things that could happen …

  1. I know just how you feel!
    And, related, what happens if (when!! *smile*) Obama wins? Will the conservatives react the same way? Protests? Riots?
    It's all a scary situation, indeed. I'm ready to just leave here and watch what happens from the safer shores of the UK or Australia. 🙂

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