on hot, hot, hot …

OMG!!! It's so freaking hot here in the city of Angels (Not angles).  Damned global warning!!!  I knew we should have signed the Kyoto Protocol … But since we didn't I should run out to Best Buy and pick up a huge AC unit!!!  Energy Star be damned!!!  Let's make some cold air with electricity from coal burning energy plants!  Yay!!!  I should probably go now because it's looking more and more like starting sometime tomorrow afternoon none of us will be able to use our credit cards or get money out of the ATM machines …

On the upside, it is beginning to look like the silver lining in all of these black clouds in emerging.  I most certainly want our current President to be thought of in the same wonderful way that we remember Herbert Hoover.  Indeed, W. may end up surpassing H.H.  He started a war WITHOUT ever finding any weapons of mass distruction AND he was at the helm when our economy cratered!!!  Good job W!!!  You're THE MAN!!!

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