on a grown up book that i want to read now …

I just happened to catch a Bill Moyers interview with conservative historian Andrew J. Bacevich where he discusses his book, The Limits of Power.  His observations are fascinating and it's a book that I'm going to pick up and read right away.  He has been the first person I've come across that's been able to help me understand why, although, I want change in American politics why, I ultimately have this empty feeling deep down about both McCain AND Obama. Andrew Bacevich has identified the enemy and the enemy is us … Not just liberals, not just conservatives, not just Republicans, not just Democrats, not just Reagan, not just Bush, not just Clinton, not just Bush … All of us … And he speaks highly of Jimmy Carter as a President who on a deeper level "got it" and told us the truth and lost the Presidency because of it … Wow!!!

The interview with Bill Moyers is available from t he Bill Moyers Journal page here.

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