just finished …

Madeleine George

Looks – Madeline George

Looks is the best YA read of the year so far!  Very painful, but also one of the most real YA portrayals of life in high school that I've ever read.  Meghan Ball is the fat girl in school–really MASSIVE.  At the same time, however, she is the most unseen person at Valley Regional High.  To most in school, Meghan doesn't exist. 

Aimee Zorn is as thin as Meghan is massive.  When Aimee enters Valley Regional, always observant Meghan recognizes a kindered spirit.  Someone else in the world using her body to say what it is that she cannot bring herself to say. 

Together, the two girls set out to seek justice from the one girl who has gravely wronged them both. 

An extremely painful, but real look at the social hierarchy of life in a place called high school.  Don't miss this one!!!

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