on softly as i leave you …

I've been a United Airlines Visa Card user for many years.  I'm a "good customer" in that I pay my bills on time and in full every month.  I haven't paid any credit card interest for years.  I guess, for Chase Card Services, that makes me a "not so good customer."  Last night, I tried to pay my Visa bill by phone which I've been doing for years.  Apparently, according to a new message that played over the phone, making a telephone payment will cost me a transaction fee of some sort of $9.00 (and some odd cents).  I can, however, choose to talk to a customer care representative and make my payment for something like $14.00 or I can do it online for free.  WTF???  I suppose that the financial services sector really needs to find new revenue streams, but this is ridiculous.  I've decided that it is time to say bon voyage to my United Visa Card. 

The reality is that our marriage ended many years ago.  I have a newer relationship with my Delta American Express card and, you know … Delta just know how to appreciate me more.  She doesn't take me and my annual fee for granted … Okay … I'm not stupid, she does, but she doesn't take me for granted nearly to the degree that Visa does.  At least Delta tries once in awhile.  Actually come to think of it, my customer service experiences with American Express have been wonderful!!!  Anyway, I'll be calling Chase Card Services tomorrow to begin our divorce proceedings.  I have a pretty kick ass credit score so figure that I'm bound to be able to find a bank that will issue me a free Visa card without all of the United Card B.S. 

The second reality is that I really hate flying United anyway.  Their customer service is awful and their employees hate their jobs and spend more time bitching about work than helping passengers so United may as well just go out of business and let another carrier have access to their routes.  At this point, it is the only humane thing to do as the poor thing is just suffering …

Anyway … So … Anyone out there have a recommendation for a good bank that will offer me a good free Visa card?  I just want it for those times when vendors or businesses don't take AMEX.  I also don't want a Visa debit card.  I like the advantages and protections of a credit card. 

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