on the luck ‘o the draw …


Wow!  John McCain must be breathing one heck of a sigh of relief that Gustav is bearing down on New Orleans as Dick and Bush now have legit reasons to be no shows at the Republican convention.   John can't seem to run fast enough or far enough from Bush and Dick and the wonderful legacy that will leave us living on in misery for generations to come after their eight long years in charge.  I, for one, would have liked to have seen both Bush and Dick talking up Candidate McCain.

By the way, did anyone else notice this story about some fortuitous edits to the Wikipedia entry on Sarah Palin in the 24-hours before she was named as John's mate?

By the way again, did you know that gas prices have, apparently, fallen for 54 days in a row?  Hmmmm … If I was a cynical guy I might think that, that makes it look like there's an industry out there that would like the next President to be just as friendly as the current one!!!  After all, I hate to say it, but I really am afraid that there ARE enough Americans stupid enough to think come November, "Gee, gas prices have fallen to $0.99 a gallon … Times are good again … Let's give 'em four more years to let the good times roll!" 

HELLO … Get a clue people … Get a freakin' clue!!!


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2 thoughts on “on the luck ‘o the draw …

  1. I had not read the NYTimes article on the Wiki editing. That was interesting!
    I am concerned about the Democrats not wanting to roll up their sleeves and wanting to get their hands dirty in this – and previous, for that matter – elections! Right now, the Democrats just don't seem to have their act together. They are still floundering on putting together a coherent response after Palin was added to the Republican ticket. Hillary, Ferraro, McCaskill would be the ideal people to point out the problems with Palin and not come across as being sexist. Yet, they seem extremely reluctant to do so. The Clintons of course, are already looking ahead to 2012. I don't know – I am disappointed with the Democratic leadership, to say the least!
    Hopefully, I dont have to throw something at my TV the night of Nov 4 …again….after I had to buy a new TV in Nov 2004…..


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