on the random end of a summer …

Alas … My wonderful summer is coming to an end and I have to go in to start working tomorrow.  We will be moving into a new big building with lots of books for the fall and we start unpacking the boxes from the old big building with lots of books tomorrow. 

I spent the morning attending the funeral of a co-worker's mother.  Naturally, funerals are not my favorite activity in the whole world, but I think that my co-worker appreciated the fact that another librarian and I made it to the service so it really was worth it.  Her mom was 101 years old (that's not a typo) and it was very interesting that attending the funeral of a 101 year old person is not so much a sad occasion nearly as much as it is a celebration of a life.  Apparently, she was very sharp and with it until the very end so while there was sadness for the loved ones left behind, the service really focused on people sharing the way that my co-worker's mom touched people's lives.  It really was a nice way to say goodbye to someone.

After paying my respects at the funeral I went to AAA to take care of my DMV registration for the year, the I went to go see the movie Mama Mia.  I was the only person in the theater with a penis.  The movie was okay.  I enjoyed it and it is the kind of movie that I would normally go gaga over, but it seemed to lack some intangible thing.  It was a good movie, but not one that I need to buy and watch over and over.

Lastly, I think that I'm ODing on the Olympics.  I'm sick of hearing about Michael Phelps.  Michael Phelps listens to Jayzee (or whatever) before a


race … Michael Phelps wears tighty whities on Tuesdays and boxers on Thursdays … Michael Phelps loves his mom Debbie who is going to be endorsing soup next week … Michael Phelps has one undescended testicle … Blah, blah, blah … OMG … Yes, guys, he is an amazing swimmer, but geez there has GOT to be some other stories to tell … Michael Phelps got 18 months probation for DUI (but we haven't heard much about that, huh?  Don't drink and swim boys and girls!!!).  I'm sure he's a really great kid, but I'm just tired of the way the coverage has been so lame …

I also think that I have this weird affinity for watching sports that nobody else gives a crap about.  OMG!!! Team handball is really exciting (No sarcasm … It really is!!!) as is badminton!!!

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