on condo maintenance, relationship drama, and dsl …

As wonderful as it is to be able to travel, there's no place like home.

While we were in New York, a leak developed in the bathroom of our condo.  Apparently, a leak in a pipe of the bathroom in the unit above ours developed and water from their shower drain began pouring out through the ventilation fan opening in our unit.  Luckily, the leaking only occurred when the residents in the unit above ours were using their shower (Yes … shower drain water coming out of the ceiling is gross, but it could have been MUCH worse!!!).  We took the ventilation fan out and figured out what the problem was and then contacted the management company.  The woman in the the unit above ours is a woman in her fifties named Denise.  We spoke with Denise's college aged son and let him know that the management company would be sending a repairman out to fix the pipe and he said that he'd let his mother know.  As it turns out, Denise was a totally uncooperative BITCH of huge proportions (I know that is not P/C, but tough shit!!!  She was and is a BITCH!!!).  Since she is a renter, not an owner, the repair would cost her NOTHING AT ALL, but she made getting into her unit to get a repair done an impossible HELL that delayed the repair of the leak for over a week and increasing the water damage significantly. She refused to open her door so the repair crews couldn't get in and fix the leak.   When we finally ran into her in the hall, she LIED.  It went like this, "Hi, are you Denise?" 

"Ye … No!" Run away down the stairs …


Anyway, they finally ended up ripping through the ceiling of our bathroom and fixing the leak from below.  FUCK YOU, DENISE!!!  If and/or when I meet you in the hall again … I'm gonna tell you, "FUCK YOU!!!" Okay, so I have no spine and will probably just say hello and be nicey nice, but inside I'm gonna be saying, "FUCK YOU!!!  FUCK YOU!!!  FUCK YOU!!!"  As a new owner in the building, I do realize that there are some issues of resentment among some longtime residents that have rented in the building for a long time and I do feel very bad for people who are under economic pressure due to gentrification of the neighborhood, but sorry … After this incident I still have great sympathy for everyone except you, Denise!!!   Good luck when your lease runs out and your until gets converted to a condo.  I hope you have a LONG commute from your place in the sticks!!!    

On another front, our renter, S. has a boyfriend that has moved into the condo.  We rent the unit to a young man who is gay, but we rent it at a greatly reduced rate with the understanding that we keep the master bedroom for ourselves to use when we are in New York.  It is a rather odd arrangement, but it works for us and the tenants like the break in rent.  In New York, housing costs are so high that people are very used to having roommates so it has worked out pretty nicely for us.  S. and his boyfriend J. are very nice people, but they are young gay men and with that comes a lot of gay relationship drama.  They were on rocky terms while we were there and while they never openly fought while we were there, the mood at times was noticeably tense.  We took S. who is our official renter out for dinner and he shared a bit (sometimes more than I really wanted to know) about their relationship.  Hey, relationships all go through rough patches, but the whole "I'm mad at him but I'm not going to tell him why and I'm not going to talk to him so he knows I'm mad but now he watered my plants and bought some groceries and paid the cable bill so I'm not made at him any more until the next time I'm made at him …"  AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!  

Both S. and J. seem like very nice people, but come on guys … You're in your thirties and it is time to grow up a bit!!!  Geez …

So that's why I'm sitting here on the sofa of my apartment that we don't have to share with anyone watching 13 Going on 30 and writing my blog. 

Home sweet private home!!!

I also finally dumped Time Warner Cable broadband in favor of DSL.  OMG!!!  SOOOOO much better!  The DSL modem is an all in one wired and wireless router.  Plug -n- play no less!!!  Consistent broadband access is SWEET!!!



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